YouTube Makeover : MAKEUP

YouTube Makeover : MAKEUP


A makeover is not only transformative on the outside but can mark a new beginning for oneself. A visual statement of going on to a new chapter and closing the old one. Also they are just plain fun!  A leap of faith when you put full trust in the hands of a talented team to give you a look uniquely tailored to just you.

Angeline a recent college graduate was looking for a new style that would mark the end of one journey and take her into a new one. Getting a new cut specific for her hair type and color that enhanced her natural beauty; her everyday beauty routine was already simplified. Just by not having to work against your hair when styling in the morning, is a big contributor to a simplified beauty routine.

But a makeover isn’t complete without a bit of makeup. Thierry Pourtoy, Cristophe Beverly Hills salon makeup artist, taught our makeover model Angeline how to perfect her everyday makeup routine. As Angeline wanted to know how to contour and have control of liquid eyeliner, Thierry shares amazing tips with us we are excited to share with you.

Angeline Makeover Update:

“NONE of my friends recognized me when i arrived at the get together just hours after the makeover. Everyone who’s seen my new hair loves it!” 

Makeovers can give one the confidence they need to take them to the next level, in work, love, or life. When you feel amazing, all your great attributes are amplified! Beauty radiating from the inside out.

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