We Love Volumizing Spray Tonic

We Love Volumizing Spray Tonic


The Volumizing Spray Tonic, it the product our clients and customers swear by for all day voluminous hair. And when it left the shelves of CVS, we received dozens of phone calls and emails asking where it had gone. Boosting volume from the roots and conditioning hair to protect it from hot styling tools, we know you will love the Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic.

The tonic can be used on wet or dry hair by spritzing the product on the roots and blow drying with a round brush.

Tell us if you have ever used Cristophe Professional Volumizing Spray Tonic and why you love it!

*Model Used Product on Dry Hair.

Volumizing Spray Tonic Available on Cristophe.com

Cristophe opened his first salon in 1985 and launched a salon quality mass market hair care line in 2004. Carried in Cristophe salons and CVS, the line has developed a steady and loyal customer base for its high performance and quality hair strengthening ingredients. A customer rarely sways away from their favorite styling aid where as they switch Shampoo and Conditioners monthly. Just in case you have never heard of Cristophe Professional or are looking for the perfect aid for your hair; we want to showcase our favorite styling products too maybe get you on our side.




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