Carla Elfman


Carla Elfman was born at Lake Como, Italy, but grew up in Milan where her mother owned and operated a successful salon. Carla was immersed in the cosmetic world at a young age, and her fascination with beauty and health evolved into a career. She attended The Pittman School of Cambridge University in London, then moved to Paris to embrace the culture and fashion for several years before moving back to London where she married and had a family.

With an abundance of cosmetic expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit, Carla opened a salon of her own. Initially focused on skin care, she expanded her salon and her skill-set to doing make-up professionally.

Always ready to take on another adventure, Carla moved to Washington, DC where she opened an exclusive spa in the heart of downtown DC. After much success, Carla decided to begin another chapter in life by leaving her spa and exploring other DC salons as a freelance specialist.

Having earned many titles — chief esthetician, brow specialist, makeup artist, and business owner — Carla was recruited for the renowned Cristophe Salon in 2010. She has provided Cristophe Salon and the greater Washington DC area with superb service and exhibits a tireless dedication to ongoing personal and professional improvement. Carla has been mentioned in several publications for her talents and her name is well-known in the nation’s capital.