Adela Ayllon


Adela was born in La Paz, Bolivia, but moved very young to Argentina where she started her career in the area of Cosmetology.  She attended  the L’Oreal de Paris Academy in Buenos Aires, where she focused on her training as a hair dresser.  She then moved back to Bolivia where she married, started a family and opened her own hair salon.
In 1982 she was offered an opportunity to move  to the United States, and, looking for a new challenge, she decided to move and explore new horizons.  In the US, Adela specialized  in nail care.  In 1995, Adela joined Cristophe Salon where she has built a reputation for her exceptional service and attention to detail.  During her time in the Washington DC area, Adela has had the opportunity to serve a very exclusive and high-profile clientele.

Adela’s dedication to her career, her passion for beauty and her attention to detail make her one of the best in the profession.