Top 5 Ways to Use Hairspray!

Top 5 Ways to Use Hairspray!


Hairspray is the quintessential staple of hair styling, the first product you stole from Mom.  Wasting half a can in a cloud of aerosol spray to seal in your gorgeous (A for effort) hair style.  Invented in 1948 and the term Hair Spray coined in 1950, this classic styling aid has taken on many forms from aerosol can to pump action. Formulas that were once heavy helmet shellac now deliver soft flexible hold.  Hairspray is the Queen of all Hair Styling aids; with its secret ability to boost volume, reduce frizz, and enhance shine!

Here is a list of our Top 5 ways to use Hairspray:

1) VOLUME – Brush hair upside down, then to seal in the volume gently shake hair back and forth while spraying a flexible hold hair spray around the hair.

2) SMOOTH – Distribute hair spray on the palms of your hands and gently run hands over the parts you want to minimize frizz. *Spray a bit on a tooth brush and use on trouble spots or baby hairs*

3) SHINE – Mist your paddle or round brush before blow drying with some hairspray to seal in style and a great shine.

4) BEAUTY – Spray a bit of hairspray onto your fingertip and run over eyebrows to tame stray hairs. This is better than clear mascara as it won’t leave a flaky residue.

5) FASHION – Prevent runs from ruining adorable tights by misting your hosiery with hairspray before wearing them out and about.


Never spay hairspray directly onto a heated styling tool; the alcohol in hairsprays when paired with the tools high heat will sizzle and fry your strands.

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