Tips to Keep Blonde Hair Healthy!

Tips to Keep Blonde Hair Healthy!

ProgressOh Makeover 2014

Progresso™ light soups help soup-eaters beat diet boredom with 40 varieties of soup at 100 calories or less per serving In a busy life, a delicious and quick option never goes unappreciated. Especially when managing your weight! The ProgressOh! Makeover Contest hosted by Progresso Soup, celebrates the inspiring stories of those who reached their personal Oh moments – those moments when you feel confident, empowered and happy. Three lucky winners receive a head-to-toe makeover, and Cristophe Salon was invited back to be a part of these beautiful women’s transformation. 

We pride ourselves on the celebrity VIP experience, and were thrilled each winner left feeling red carpet ready. Get to know more about their Cristophe Salon experience and a few styling tips inspired by the ProgressOh! Makeover Winners.  

Brittany an executive assistant by day and talented art teacher by night received the biggest makeover transformation as she went from brunette to blonde. A drastic color lift is a tricky process, and if left in the wrong hands can damage hair and cause severe breakage. But our salon team is comprised of only the best in Beverly Hills, and our colorist Brittany King worked wonders without compromising the integrity of Brittany’s hair.

“Brittany did my color and took me and my look from one extreme to another. When I walked into the salon I had two toned hair with a dark brown/red on top and black on the bottom…” I was completely open to a new look including cut and color. I let Brittany be creative and do with my hair as she pleased, which was going blonde! It was a long process but totally worth it! Then I was sent downstairs to Mateo for my cut. I told him as long as I could pull my hair up for the gym, he could also do what he wanted. He kept some length but gave me a lot of fun layers.” – Brittany

Brunette to Blond Makeover

To help maintain the brilliance of Brittany’s new blonde color and ensure her hair stays healthy and strong, there are simple ways to boost her daily beauty hair care routine. Starting with using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and always using a thermal protectant lotion or spray on the hair before using heated styling tools. Fortifying her hair with a weekly deep conditioning treatment is a nice way to unwind and revitalize strands after a long week of styling. Lastly before diving into a cool chlorine filled pool, by prepping hair with nourishing Argan oil one prevents a deep absorption of the chlorine into the cuticle. Paired with a post swim rinse, blonde and those with color treated hair, reduce their risk the of green hair and altered hair color.

The best part of any stylist or colorist jobs is to see the joy radiating from a clients gorgeous transformation. We are always honored and thrilled to be a part one’s journey to feeling their most beautiful, because beauty should be simple. Thank you to Progresso for trusting Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills with your fabulous winners!

Progresso Makeover 2014 photo Collage

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