Quick and Easy Hairstyles : Scarf Updo!

Quick and Easy Hairstyles : Scarf Updo!

summer scarf pictorial

Looking for cute, summer, quick and easy hairstyles to keep you cool under the hot sun! We love this simple updo. All you will need is a scarf and lots of bobby pins.  This hairstyle is great on beach tousled hair too!  Our model prepped her hair with Cristophe Professional Texturizing Fiber Paste to enhance her natural wave.

1. Find a cute scarf and secure it around your crown. Your hair should be all under the scarf. (Our scarf was a little long, so it was wrapped twice around the head and secured into a cute knot in the front)

2.  Secure the sides of the scarf with bobby pins around your temple to keep it from moving

3.  Add a few more bobby pins to the back, this will help keep the scarf in place as your begin to twist the hair around your scarf. (Once you’ve twisted your hair to the middle of your head around the scarf, you will need to remove the bobby pins.)

4. Taking a section of hair from the front, pull it up and through the scarf. Making sure the hair is around the scarf.

5. Like a French braid take a second section of hair, into the remaining hair from your first section, and repeat the process while bobby pinning the hair behind the scarf.

6. Once you reach the middle, remove the bobby pins you had placed there before, and wrap your hair around the scarf. Stop here, and repeat the process again on the other side.

Our models hair is above her shoulders, layered, and wavy. Because of the thickness of her hair, and the layers more bobby pins were used to really secure the hair style. Depending on your hair type and length you might get different results.

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