Progress-OH! Makeover at Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills

Progress-OH! Makeover at Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills

Progresso® soup helps you beat diet boredom with 40 varieties of soup at 100 calories or less per serving and is the busy mom’s or starving student’s extra helper at the end of the day. To celebrate incredible stories, and Progresso’s part in them Progresso hosted theProgressOh! Makeover Contest. A fabulous program from Progresso that celebrates incredible stories! Three lucky winners were chosen and flown to Los Angeles, for a Hollywood makeover experience along with a $2,000 shopping spree for their signature Little Blue Dress and sassy new pair of Jeans. Wondering where they got the makeover? Well Cristophe of course! And we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful experience for this year’s three amazing winners.

Cassandra, a student from Wisconsin, was looking for the chance to finally feel like the gorgeous woman she is and her amazing weight loss story inspired us all. She saw colorist/stylist Jeffrey Jagged who cut and colored her hair to bring out her natural beauty. As it had been a very long time since her last haircut, Jeffrey gave Cassie lots of layers with only a subtle change in length. Already in love with her natural hair color, Jeffrey only wanted to enhance it with very natural golden –beige highlights to accent her new cut and a bit of ombre at the ends for the California sun kissed touch.

“Cassie was amazing to work on and it was truly an honor to bring such a courageous person into a brand new look!” – Jeffrey

Lauren, a Louisiana native, was inspired to make big life changes, which included losing weight and getting engaged! As she wanted to keep her hair the same length and close to her natural color for the upcoming nuptials, our stylist/colorist Fanesia took her existing look and added a bit of Hollywood magic. Fanesia lightened up the ends of Lauren’s hair for a natural ombre and enhanced her natural existing color with a gloss, cutting her hair into long layers, with a few face framing layers all creating more volume, movement, and texture to her hair.

Super mom Christina from Kansas got the tag team treatment with colorist Fabrice and stylist Pauline. Fabrice worked with Christina’s existing color and painted on subtle highlights to create dimension and depth to her hair, creating a very natural lightened by the sun look perfect for spring and summer. Pauline refreshed Christina’s hair by cutting an inch off and removing the dead ends for a lasting healthy hair. With long layers she created texture and movement, along with soft face framing layers. Pauline created volume with Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristophe Volumizing Spray on the roots and used a boar bristle brush for shine, soft, and bouncy “Beverly Hills blow out”.

All the women looked gorgeous and glowing, ready for their reveal to loved ones. We loved being a part of these women’s story, just like Progresso. For more photos of the Progressoh! Makeover Contest Winners and their ultimate makeover experience in Hollywood, visit Progresso’s Facebook page.

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