In Beverly Hills, face-lifts are a dime a dozen, so we were encouraged to get a little work done ourselves. Unveiling our new, the site is designed to better navigate through the world of Cristophe Professional. You will find product recommendations, beauty tips, and styling solutions with ease, as we are determined to make beauty simple for you.

Our new bottle, which will soon be in drug stores across the country, takes the hair care buying experience to the next level. Whether a long-time Cristophe Professional fan, or the curious shopper looking for a new hair care line to use; the QR code on the front helps in picking out the perfect products for you! Using your phone, scan the neat square on the front, and discover solutions to your hair care concern. From selecting what to use in the shower with our Shampoos and Conditioners, which focus on the four major hair care issues, Flat, Dry, Damaged and Color Treated hair; to how to use our extensive styling collection with handy how-to pictorials and videos.

Yet it is the addition of hair nourishing exclusive ingredients in the formulation of Cristophe Professional products which we feel is most rejuvenating. We introduce, Vital Energy Complex, a fusion of healthy ingredients, which are designed to protect your scalp and hair from environmental stress. Achieve the same amazing style you’re used to, while caring and ensuring great hair health!

We are pleased to welcome you to our new online store and introduce you to the NEW Cristophe Professional! Tell us what you love about it.


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