staticbannerIs your hair starting to look like it has a life of its own, moving in all directions and never styling right? Well like Frankenstein’s monster, your hair has come to life with electricity, static electricity. The dry air of colder months’ leaves our hair prone to static and frizz. With less moisture in the air the static charge is able to accumulate, and our hair is a great conductor. But we have the solution to how to stop static hair and kill  the cling, HYDRATION!

With a simple swap of your shampoo and conditioner plus an added boost of product, you can regain control of your locks. Also switching to an ionic hair dryer will help to minimize static as the heat infused with negatively charged ions quickly locks in moisture.

Hydrating pair_newCristophe Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: shampoo/ $8.99 conditioner/$8.99

Cristophe Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner drenches dry and damaged hair with hydration. Giving the hair the moisture it needs to create soft and silky styles.  With the shampoo and conditioner only costing $8.99 each, there is plenty of room left in the budget to invest in great anti-frizz styling product.

Cristophe Professional Extra Strength Hair Serum : $10.99

This silicon based styling aid locks in hair moisture repelling static and frizz. Visit our We Love Extra Strength Hair Serum post for more details on this product and how to!


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