How to: Faux Bob

The sassy and textured bob has returned once again! This fall and winter, you will see many women rocking that short bob. But what if you have commitment issues and can’t quite find the nerve to chop it off? Fake it!

Cristophe Salon Master Stylist Cody Renegar shows how soap opera star, Melissa Archer, fakes her bob. Melissa has long, wavy and layered hair, that she can easily create into a faux bob

Step 1: To enhance Melissa’s natural texture, spritz and scrunch hair with Oribe Texturizing Hair Spray


Step 2: Section the under layers to the length you want the bob.  Depending on the thickness of the hair, you can use one or more sections to make smaller buns. Twist the hair and tuck the hair under.

Step 3: Secure with bobby pins


Step 4: Shake the top layers over to fake the bun!