Be Pro at Looking Professional!

Be Pro at Looking Professional!

Be a pro at looking professional whether searching for a new job or looking to step up your office style. We demonstrate a a new inspired hair style to wear to the office along with how you can look professional without breaking the bank?

Our stylist Pauline created this beautiful double chignon hair style, which is sophisticated and sleek. Practice makes perfect and after mastering this hairstyle, you will impress your boss with not only your work ethic but fabulous hair! Or if you have an interview coming up, this is a great hair style to make a lasting first impression.

No need to spend an entire paycheck on just one outfit! If you shop at Crossroads Trading Co., you’ll be able to afford a new outfit to go from the office to your holiday party, and still have some cash left over for drinks!

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Perfect Professional Attire:

Black Crop Blazer by Poetry  @50% off = $6.75

Black Pencil Skirt by Bebe @50% off = $6.25

Jade “top” by Julie Dillon = $16.50

Total = $29.50

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