Truth About Growing Your Hair Out!

Truth About Growing Your Hair Out!

Did you go for the big chop and now wish you could speed up growing your hair out?

It seems for the past few years long flowing hair was all the rage.  But hair trends demanded a change, and hence actresses and models started showing off fresh new cuts.  After their seasons wrapped Glee’s Dianna Agron and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester both went short, as well as Victoria Secret model Karlie Kross (right before the big fashion show). Now maybe you tried the big chop too, and now are filled with big regrets trying to figure out how to grow your hair out fast! Looking up every tip and trick in the book. We came across this great video from PopSugar with tips to grow out your hair, but wanted to get the expert opinion from some of our Beverly Hills stylists. Watch the video and then read their thoughts on the issue of “growing out your hair”.

Expert stylists Sami Eid and colorist Cameron Santiago from the Cristophe Beverly Hills salon weighed in on the above video.

Will any of these tips actually help hair to grow longer?

Cameron: Everything she mentioned is primarily factual.  Yet I believe in a more well balanced diet, even a green lunch needs a portion of protein as well.

Supplements are a great add on. I’ve personally been using Viviscal, for 3 months and notice less shedding.

Sami: There are many claims when it comes to growing out hair, which are a myth, the reality of it is, that there are Genetic Predisposition, Environmental Influence, Nutrition, and Hormonal Imbalance that could be the cause to why we don’t have long healthy hair. Once we assess the problem then we can guide them into the right solutions.

What are realistic expectations a person can have about their hair growth?

Cameron: Realistically hair grows approx. 1/2 inch per month.  It’s pretty standard on everyone.

What are your tips, tricks, or advice to anyone growing their hair out?

Cameron: The main thing she missed is to keep the ends properly trimmed. For clients growing out, I always suggest a “micro cut” every 8 weeks.  This is no less than 1/8″ inches, no more than 1/4″.  This will prevent hair splitting and sending more damage up the shaft.  Dry, brittle, split ends prevent hair from growing out because those conditions cause breakage.


Here are my steps to have healthy looking hair:

  • Always brush your hair from the scalp out about 20x in every direction
  • Choose shampoos that have no sulfates. Use vinegar base conditioner as it helps give hair great shine.
  • Take vitamin supplements:  B6, B12, Fish oil, and Folic Acid.
  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and yellow too.  Protein is necessary, nuts like almond and walnut are great sources perfect for snacking.
  • Have blood tests yearly to make sure your hormones are normal and you’re not lacking any iron etc.
  • The best way to have long healthy hair is to also get regular trims don’t wait a whole year; you should have 4 to 6 haircuts a year.

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