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From Brussels to Beverly Hills, Cristophe has traveled all over the world making an indelible mark on the hair care industry, setting style trends from his salons and delivering innovative hair care lines.

As the face of CristopheTM, he has established himself with his brilliant technique and creative styles. Cristophe has been trusted by Presidents, actors and many other prominent figures in the world to deliver wonderful results for their hair.

He continues to be one of the most prominent figures in the industry with a comprehensive list of references that have enjoyed a great experience at the hands of Cristophe’s hair styling.

cristophe TM advantage

Training and operational support

To ensure your new CristopheTM salon has the best head start and aligns with our brand you will have an array of operational and training support including but not limited to:

  • Location scouting and lease negotions.
  • Salon interior design and architectural services.
  • Hiring support methods and documentation covering each position, chain of commands and HR manuals.
  • Salon operations manuals.
  • Training in Beverly Hills location for 1-2 stylists in your team.
  • Full staff training one week prior to opening with one of our master stylists at your salon location.
  • Full marketing support and consulting including; Social Media, Public Relations, Direct Mail and Promotional Materials.

Interior Design

To meet Cristophe‘sTM high standards of elegance, service and efficiency, we created proprietary designed professional furniture.

Based on the location, we will work with selected cabinetmakers to design your beauty salon. We will ensure that our professional requirements meet applicable national, state, local and special requirements.

In addition, we select preferred manufactures and contractors with whom we will ensure that the design of your beauty salon is properly built.

Marketing support

Every business is promoted daily. Various channels exist to promote the CristopheTM brand and your salon. We will support you by providing all of the necessary marketing materials and models that meet our standards that highlight your salon.

Our team at Head Office will manage the website and online marketing including your social pages. Your monthly marketing fee will contribute to the national campaigns and advertising efforts to expand the brand.

As part of the PR campaign for the grand opening, Cristophe personally devotes one complete day to enhance your exposure and to motivate your staff. The CristopheTM marketing team also works to enhance your exposure with their established promotional reach.

Becoming a franchisee


To uphold the integrity of the CristopheTM brand we look for the following qualities in our franchisee:

  • Strong marketing and customer service abilities.
  • Good with Time Management and Employee Relations.
  • High personal standards: excellence, honesty, and integrity.
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements.

The initial investment to open a CristopheTM salon will can be anywhere within $333,300 - $1,023,500.


Located in the beautiful cities of Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, Washington D.C., and the Caribbean Island of St. Barth’s, CristopheTM is well renowned in the beauty world. Current salons are surrounded by high-end brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace.

It is critical to the success of the CristopheTM franchise that new locations are approriately aligned with the brand. The salons must be located in affluent, high-end and fashionable areas that will target the correct demographic of clientele.

If possible, Cristophe will develop and utilize relationships with commercial real estate brokers to assist franchisees in finding a location.

Cristophe Licensing, LLC will also work with franchisees to handle lease negotiations and make sure that franchise partners go into business with the best possible lease structure for their operation.

Design & Construction

The interior of each model will be very bright and clean. The modern look will have dark wood floors with white furniture and stainless steel accents. The lighting will be a key to bringing out the full experience to each guest. Each floor-plan will be approved by Cristophe Licensing, LLC and will maintain a similar look and feel as the rest of the units

We have partnered with Takara Belmont to create bespoke salon chair designs and interiors. The chairs and basins are ergonomically designed to ensure the health of your employees through their consistent use.


How much are the royalties and orther annual fees ?
Our current initial franchise fee is $25,500. The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. Marketing fee is up to 2.5% of gross sales.
How much does it cost to become a CristoppheTM Franchisee?
We predict there will be an initial investment will range from $333,300 - $1,023,500 depending on a number of factors. A complete breakdown of these estimated costs is included in the FDD.
How much can I make as a CristopheTM franchisee?
The Federal Trade Commission and state franchise sales regulations do not allow franchisors to provide profit projections. However, if you become a qualified candidate, we would be happy to share our Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD). Our FDD will highlight our historical sales from our comapany-owned and franchised locations.
Does CristopheTM offer financing?
No, you will be responsible for financing. We know lenders and brokers who are familiar with our business that we would gladly introduce you to.
Do I need experience in the hair industry?
Hair salon experience in an ownership role is preferred to be a successful CristopheTM Salon Franchisee. Understanding the process of your stylists is critical to the success of our luxury service.
How long does it take to open a CristopheTM salon?
Each location is different, but the most time-consuming steps tend to be site selection, lease negotiation, build-out (including permitting) requirements, and training. However, we anticipate it will take approximately six to nine months from signing your lease to opening day at your CristopheTM salon.