How To Style Disco Curls!

How To Style Disco Curls!

New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate the past year and dance off the troubles of the past with hope towards the future! A night to stand out and shine, scream on the roof tops “Hey world are you ready for me!?” We were inspired by legendary night club, Studio 54 where glitz, glamour, and disco dancing was King (or Queen). Drink a little bubbly while curling and pinning your Disco Curls hairstyle that will inspire you to dance the night away.

We selected our models New Year’s Eve outfit by choosing pieces that played with textures and of course had a bit of sparkle. The pleather mini is on trend, and matching it with a favorite holiday fabric Velvet, added a feminine softness to the leathers tough girl style. Paired with glitter heels in a nude/gold added that pop of disco fun while complimenting the outfits dark color palate.

Partnering with Crossroads Trading Co. we were able to buy all three outfits for the Holidays under $100! Call it a great deal, but we call it a steal.  You can still buy gifts and treat yourself to a cute new outfit, if only you know where to shop;  visit your local Crossroads and tell us about your great holiday style on our Facebook!

 Hot Holiday Style/ New Year’s Eve:

Velvet Tank by Cope =$9.50

Black Pleather Mini Skirt by Forever 21 = $10.50

Glitter Heels  = $12.50

Total = $32.50

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