Cristophe Professional Dry Shampoo Revitalize Lifeless Hair!

Cristophe Professional Dry Shampoo Revitalize Lifeless Hair!


cristophe professional dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo is the key to simplifying your morning beauty routine when pressed for time. Easy to use, the Dry Shampoo is sprayed on the roots to absorb excess oil while providing revitalizing volume. Cristophe Professional Dry Shampoo formula was developed with the health of hair in mind. To ensure a skipped shower never has to compromise the over-all quality of hair, Cristophe formulated his Dry Shampoo to include hair healthy vitamins and antioxidants. The scent is pleasant while not lingering, and one can use it on dirty or clean hair to create volume or add texture to styles.

Cristophe, world renowned celebrity stylist, creates his hair care line Cristophe Professional to address major hair care concerns and consumer interests. Cristophe Professional product’s fundamental core is to simplify one’s beauty routine. The introduction of Dry Shampoo to Cristophe Professional hair care line will be an essential for those that need to refresh and revitalize hair on the go.

Cristophe Professional Dry Shampoo will be carried on at the retail price of 10.99, and is released along with a Dry Conditioner. will also be offering a travel size Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner, and Ultimate Shaping Spray.

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