Cristophe Experts of Freehand Balayage

The freehand highlighting technique, balayage, is still a favorite for women world over and for top celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, and Chrissy Teigen. While balayage has been around for awhile, this timeless technique is still a major trend.

Originating in France in the 1970’s, the natural looking coloring technique is popular for being low maintenance. Colorists place the color by hand instead of traditional foiling, creating a very soft and sun kissed look that is perfect for all lengths of hair.

Clients have to maintain balayage at different frequencies depending on their color. To start, a buildup of three visits to the salon every six weeks will give you an initial color. To maintain a consistent color, a visit to the salon every three months is encouraged.

Our expert colorists Cameron Santiago, Fabrice, and Tonia Day dish on their favorite aspects of balayage:

Cameron Santiago creates different appearances with Balayage to create a Sombre’ “soft ombre”. 

“Balayage gives opportunity for dimension in the hair and makes the end result appear more natural. I don’t believe in assembly line coloring. All clients are customized!”


Fabrice‘s perfect example of soft honey colored blonde highlights on a natural brunette achieved through Balayage.

“Placement of the highlights is everything, soft and diffused at the roots.”
fabrice balayage


Tonia Day colored and styled a beautiful Balayage look on model Adrienne.

“The consistency of your product when applying to the hair is very important. I prefer to brush lighter at the root area and then saturate more towards the ends to give a nice natural highlight look. I also usually like to lighten more around the face frame to give a more natural look as well.”


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