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week3wp_new When you think of mousse do you imagine the 80’s? Hair soaked in the foam and scrunched, to create a crunchy curled style. Well the 80’s are long gone, along with the heavy weighed-down formula of standard mousse. Cristophe Professional Volumizing Mousse is an amazing light-weight foam that boost volume and texture with a special thickening agent. One can apply the mousse to their roots and blow dry for voluminous hair, or try our updated style of soft waves with mousse and avoid crunchy curls.


Step 1: Start by running a handful of mousse throughout towel dry, damp hair.

Step 2: Follow by braiding your hair into two side braids.

Step 3: Blow-dry the braids until the hair is 95% dry.

Step 4: Unravel and break up the braids, finish with a little hairspray.

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