Boar Brushes are Best for Hair!

Boar Brushes are Best for Hair!


Cristophe boar brushes are a coveted and hot item in the salon. Selling out quickly, they are specially designed to make hair styling simple and exceptional. The handle is designed out of a comfortable cork which is environmentally friendly and renewable.  Soft and durable it is comfortable to hold during blow drying and as it moisture resistant you will be sure to have a firm grip while styling. Boar Bristles are the very best when it comes to hair brushes.  Helping to seal the cuticle for a smooth, silky shine; the bristles also help to stimulate and distribute the hairs natural oils throughout the hair from root to tip giving it a healthy glow. The best part as boar bristles easily release hair, there is no need to worry about breakage.

Cleaning is simple as your remove hair with a wide tooth comb, followed by a gently dipping the bristles into a dilution of warm water and shampoo. Let it air dry and its as good as new!

We hope you are able to pick up one of these great brushes at our Beverly Hills salon soon, call 310.274.0851 to check availability.


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