Tonia Day

Senior Stylist

A farm girl from Vermont, to a city girl with soul

As long as Tonia can remember, she always knew that as soon as she was able, she would move to a city to indulge and experience a more broad spectrum of culture, art, diversity and opportunity. She found herself moving to Philadelphia from 2004 to 2013 where she luckily found the extremely talented hair stylist Artur Kirsh, whom she was able to train under. Under Kirsh she learned to perfect the dry hair cutting technique and with 8 years of experience, found her own style. Being in high demand to clients from the center of the city to the suburbs, and even clients flying from other east coast states, lead her to become CBS 3’s main hair stylist for the local news anchors, as well as winning a “Best of Philly” award for her curly hair cuts. However her talent doesn’t stop there, you can always count on her for beautiful natural hair color, formal hairstyling, and extensions.

Tonia’s true talent as a stylist, and colorist, truly speaks for itself. One thing she does not lack is her passion for not only hair, but also making genuine and deep connections with her clients to be able to bring out their truest beauty in the most natural way. Tonia believes that finding the right hairstyle that best suits you is one of the best ways to exhibit your style, as well as your attitude about life.

“Your hair plays a big part in the perception of yourself and the way you can interact with the world. I would love nothing more than for every one of my clients to truly look at who they are and the beauty they possess – and sense the love and beauty that I feel is so apparent. Everyone deserves to feel worthy, beautiful and like themself.”