Lana Gordon

Master Colorist

Before arriving to America in 1993, Lana was a professional dancer who traveled all over the world. When Lana moved to California, she fell in love with the culture and diversity. From one form of art or dance to another, everything mesmerized her, including the various art forms of hair color. Lana worked with the famous colorist Louis Licari and mastered her work under his apprenticeship. Her work with Licari marked the launch of a highly successful career for Lana. She later went on to work with numerous celebrities – actors and actresses, politicians and models.
She developed a lengthy following of loyal clients. Lana is an expert when it comes to creating beautiful, natural looking color.The diversity of her highlights is from natural sun kissed to a very beautiful and shiny blond!

“If you want to be blond, go see Lana.”