Basics of Going Blonde

Basics of Going Blonde

Colorists that can take hair from brunette to blonde without burning off the ends are beauty magicians, but they are also smart scientist. Cristophe Salon Beverly Hills colorist Jeffrey Jagged believes in realistic expectations to reduce unnecessary damage, “If you are darker than medium brown opt for more of a bronze caramel look. Medium brown can safely go to golden blonde, lighter brown can go to a wheat blonde, and light brown, dark blonde can get to a clear pastel blonde without risking too much damage”.

Avoid major hair coloring at home as you compromise the integrity of your hair and color. Going blonde is all about the integrity of the hair. Not just how it will lift from the bleach, but the post coloring maintenance. “Blondes should be getting their roots done every 10-12 days to avoid gold banding and to get the cleanest lift possible.” We don’t know if blondes necessarily have more fun, but they definitely visit the salon more!

Bleach weakens hair as the chemicals penetrate the cuticle to remove pigment. Replace lost hydration and fortify hair with nutrient rich conditioners. Not only should you condition the hair every day and use heat protectant or Argan oil before styling, but once a week treat your strands to a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair looking like silk and not straw.

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