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Cookies, candies, and cakes are delightful delectable treats but its sugary base is a sweet poison. Aside from the obvious knowledge, that sugar is high in calories and can add inches on to your waistband; it can wreck havoc on your skin, speeding up the process of fine lines and wrinkles weakening the very proteins that keep your skin glowing and youthful. How does sugar affect my skin? When you eat, your food turns into glucose, a process called glycation. That glucose then will latch on to proteins in the bloodstream and become new molecules called “advanced glycation end products” conveniently nicknamed, AGES.  Now AGES are bullies and will beat up adjacent proteins the most vulnerable being Collagen and Elastin. What can I do to stop this? You can’t stop ageing, its natural. But you can slow down AGES, advanced glycation end products. We don’t suggest swearing off sugar, not only will you most likely become very grumpy, you will just want it more! Instead limit your sugar intake by being on the lookout for hidden sugar in your food, it doesn’t have to be a dessert to be filled with glucose inducing sugar. Next time you are at the store check for, corn sweetener, corn syrup, sucrose, and sorghum. To fight the AGES from the inside, boost your system with antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin B1 and B6 daily. Always protect the surface of your skin with SPF, and one can use repair serums with retinoids a class of compounds related to Vitamin A to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Click after the jump for links to this post's references and more in depth articles about sugar's effect on skin